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EveryRings are here!

My latest creation, the EveryRing, is a versatile, build-able, recycled plastic flower ring. The flower layers peel away so you can easily re-stack them to build the perfect coordinating ring to match any outfit. Not only are they rings, but they are the perfect accessory for your purse, headband, sunglasses, backpack, belt or anything else you might come up with for this mighty flower!


State of Affairs

I wonder how many states have people wearing my earrings? Here are the states where I have sold earrings personally: Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New York, Connecticut and Vermont. In addition, I have customers who live in Massachusetts, Florida and Illinois. So that is eight for sure. It would be fun to track the states (& countries??) on a map. Let me know if you have a pair of soda can earrings & your state is not yet listed! Thanks!


I like the idea of taking something that would normally be considered trash and making it into something useable. My ideas are not so much recycling items as repurposing them. I googled "repurpose" and found several cool thoughts. Wiktionary says "To reuse for a different purpose, on a long-term basis; To alter to make more suited for a different purpose". Lohas.com defines repurpose as "Taking a thing or a material and using it for a purpose not originally intended.

Lewiston Arts Festival!

Lewiston was great! I had a lot of fun with my Aunt Carla at the fair. Unfortunately, it rained both days, enough to fill the roof of our tent. :(


My aunt took this while I wasn't looking!

Visit me at the Show August 8th and 9th 2009

I'll be at the Lewiston Arts Festival this next week. Come visit!

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